Travel tips

The people in diversity

Indonesia is the 4th biggest population in the world. There are around 300 ethnic groups and 1300 tribes in Indonesia. All becomes together as Indonesian people.

Fun & Friendly

It is true that most of Indonesian are fun and friendly. We are humble people live in a tropical country. Hospitality is our middle name. People can just ask you to join their parties or invite you to come by and having lunch together. To serve their guests is the culture. It is a very good idea if you know someone in Indonesia when you visit the country. It is very common to you stay in someone’s place you know during your hollidays in Indonesia. There is no specific rate, you can just give them money to eat, they will prepare for you.


Most of Indonesian are religious. There are 5 major and legal religions in Indonesia. Islam is the most, Catholics, Christian, Hindhuism, Buddhism. Most people in Bali are Hindhu, meanwhile in the eastern is dominated by Christian.

In some parts of the country where the major people are moslem, you will often (could be every hour) hear  islamic preaching or prayer which come out from sound system in the mosques, starting from 5 in the morning untill around 10-12 pm.

Women and girls

Most of Indonesian women are decent women. Some of them wear hijab/jilbab ( covered ) as the majority as moslem. However, you will still see sexy girls in the town, in the shopping malls, or in the discotheque.

Most of typicaly traditional Indonesian women cook. It is a culture where the women cook for their  men, even a career women.

Prostitute, like other countries, is existed in Indonesia. The rates could be very low. However, it is not recommended and take your own risk.

Rich and poor

The gap between rich and poor in Indonesia is high. However, those people lives mixed together. You can see a big beautiful building next to a small dirty ugly wood house. You will see a lot of large expensive real estate, and you will also see large dirty slump area, espcially in the most big cities.

However, nowadays the middle class is growing in most of big cities and some local governments start launching their social security programs.


Most of the rich family has their own servant. Some could have more than 10 servants in the house. They could work as a butler, as a cook, gardener, or just a servant. Sometimes one person can do as all of them. Some of them live and sleep in the house. You do not have to be very rich to have a servant/helper/householder in the house. With 100 – 200 USD you can employ a servant/helper for a whole month, they will do everything. However, not everyone could be trusted.

Some servant could be very loyal to their boss, emosionally loyal. Don’t be surprise if they will know your favorit food more than your wife/husband.

Money and tips

Tips is very important. You are assessed by some people as kind when you give tips, and will easily see you as stingy when you don’t give them any tips for a service. Don’t be surprise when someone calls you “Boss” meanwhile you are not his boss. It could be mean that you can ask me anything but please don’t forget the tips.

Money in big cities is very important and money shows your status. However, in the villages you will still find humble people which are not money oriented.


Respect is very important for most people in the world. When you respect Indonesian, they would try to respect you more. Most of Indonesian respect their guests. Gestures like bow or nod, or sometimes with the hands together on the chest (like praying) expresses a respect. 


Indonesia has eastern and religious cultures where there are a lot of taboo’s in the communities.

  • Alcohol
    It is legal to buy alcohol drinks such as beer, liquor, or wine. However, it is recommended to buy it in the legal places like bar, restaurants, or hotels. You can buy a very cheap local wishkey, but take your own risk. It could be deadly. As the major is moslem sometimes it could be wrong to drink alcohol and get drunk in some places. You can always be drunk in discotheque or bar. So find a right place to get drunk. However, some places, like Bali, are just a paradise for you.
  • Free sex
    Free sex is not recommended in Indonesia although you can find some places where you can buy sex for cheap. Again, Bali and some of the major cities could be your paradise. However, in some places it is highly unacceptable.
  • Watch out what you wear
    You might want to be free during your vacation where nobody you know will talk about you and no elders tell you what to do. You might want to wear as less as possible, due the freedom and the weather. In most beach, bikini is accepted, even recommended. It is also ok in some places like discotheque/bar, tourist restaurant, or hotels. However, in other places, wearing decent clothes would be very appreciated.
  • Be polite to elders
    For some people elders have all the rights, especially the one who has powers, you are not allowed to argue them. The father is the king of the house. Most of Indonesian kids are depended on their parent untill they are an adult. And when they are succesful, they have a kind of obligation to take care of their parents.