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Indonesia is not a high developed country with all the high technologies. Indonesia produced indeed some technologies, like electronics, airplanes or military industry, but they’re not something that make the people excited for. However, Indonesia has a high competition on food industry. You will find a lot of invention in food industry. Thousands restaurants are competing each others to be the leader food market in Indonesia. Therefore, they are competed on inventing something new, something unique. You will definitely find food that you have never tasted in your life. Find the tips here about Indonesian food.


As the climate is very friendly and temperature is warm, the nightlife in Indonesia could be untill very late. The big cities have almost 24 hours life. You can still get your food late at 2 o’clock in the morning. However, there are also a lot of dangerous like criminals or vandalism. Do not be alone late in the night.


Shopping in Indonesia is very cheap, especially to buy local products, like bags, souvenir, or clothes. There are some interesting souvenir you can buy like woodcraft, sandals, special clothes like Batik, or scarf from Bali or Sumatra. You can also buy traditional painting in Bali.

There are hundreds big malls in Jakarta. It could be bigger than  in your own country. There you can buy most of branded and expensive products.

On the street inside tourism objects you will meet a lot of trader who come to you, greet you and offer you some souvenir or food. You can buy from them but it could also invite other traders to come to you and ask you to buy their product. A simple way, just refuse them and say that you are not interested to buy.

You might be aware that there are tourist tarif and local tarif. Just buy your things in the market or supermarket or eat in the restaurant/food court to get cheap price.