Travel tips


The government are now busy developing the infrastructures of the country. Most of big cities have their own airports and trains station like any other countries. Some cities just finished or busy to build Mass transportation like LRT or MRT.   Until now the government keep adding more airports and harbors in order to connect the islands together.

Long distance trip

By Air

From Jakarta to Bali would take 1 hour snd 15 minutes instead of 16 hours by train.  Garuda Indonesia is Indonesian flag carrier which in 2 consecutive years get most precise time awards in the world. If you are luck you can get 40 USD from Jakarta to Bali.

These are airlines in Indonesia: GarudaAir AsiaCitilinkKal Star AviationLion Air, Mandala Airlines, Merpati AirSky AviationSriwijaya AirWings Air, Batavia Air. You can search for domestic flights from the form below.

By Train

For short distance train would be the fastest and comfortable way. However, you can also take bus or rent a car. You can visit Indonesian train official website.

Here you can search for train ticket

KRL Routes

Jabodetabek (Jakarta-Bogor-Depok-Tangerang-Bekasi)

Inter-city KRL Jabodetabek (Jabodetabek Electrified Rail) could be your alternative to travel around Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Tangerang and Bekasi city. Take this, you will not have any traffic jam problem. However, be prepare for delays and overcrowded coaches.

In the cities

There are unique transportation which  probably do not exist in your country. You should try for new advantures. Most of them are fun. Every places has they are own style. Most of it does not really have fix tarif. Mostly it depends on the distance. You can try to bargain, if you are lucky, you could get much cheaper price than what he offers you. This could be the cheapest transportation you can use. Try to ask people where you can get these transportation. 

However, the government are managed to build some mass transportation in the cities like LRT and MRT.


In years 2018-2019 the government of Indonesia has built some mass transportation like LRT (Light Rail Transit) in Palembang and Jakarta, and also MRT (Mass Rapid Transi) in Jakarta last March 2019. This transportation can easily and rapidly transport you to other part of the city without having the traffic jams. You can visit their official website for more information.

App transportation

A company like UBER could not do better in this competitive market. Online application transportation business in Indonesia is a growing fast market. There 2 big online app transportation, those are Go-jek and GRAB. Those started with the most common transportation in Jakarta, ojek/motor taxi. However, now they are not only pick you up, they also pick up your goods, your orders. Even clean your house or send you a massage therapist.


Read: be- like bay, -cak like chuck.
It is a three-wheels bicycle. Two in the front side, which is your seat, and the drivel cycles on the back seat. It is fun since you will see everything in front of you. Becak will cost you around $ 5 USD. You will find this vehicle in Java, and some other islands, but not (or hardly to find) in Jakarta.


Read: ba like bar, -j like jack, and –aj sounds like eye.
A very noisy three-wheels vehicle with high vibration. You will still experience the vibration after step out of the vehicle. However, this vehicle could take you faster in a bad traffic jam with their small body, meanwhile you will be stucked in a cab. Originaly from India. You will find this a lot in Jakarta.


Read: Del- read like Dell, -man sounds like month. Dokar was taken from word dog-car.  
A cart run by a horse with the driver sit behind the horse. Passenger sit on the back and next to the driver. It is just like a ride for royal family from the past. You will find this in most of cities in Java.


Read: O and jek sounds like jack.
A simple motorcycle with a driver. It will only fit for one person. If you think it’s too far away to walk to your place from a market, you can take ojek to your front door. You will find this everywhere in Indonesia. Just look at


Read: Ang like Unc in uncle, kot sounds like court. 
A minibus with passenger seats facing each other. A cheap transportation with a lot of routes. You will find this in some major cities of Indonesia.


Like some other countries bus is the most common transportation in Indonesia. It will take you inside the city or out (tran-province). In jakarta, there are too many busses, however, take the one called Busway or transjakarta. Find here the route of Transjakarta.


Do you want a comfortable and (sometimes) fast transportation inside the city? Like in other cities in other countries, taxi is your choice. It is an expensive transportation, but it would not be more expensive than in your country. There are some choices, depend on the rates. More expensive you will get more comfort. However, it is not the fastest option in the rush hours.  Blue bird is one of the most trusted taxi company in whole Indonesia. You can see more information on their website.

Rent a car

One way is to rent a car, especially when you travel with a group. It could be cheapest option. However, be prepare for traffic jam. 

Rent a car could be very cheap if you know someone you can trust. It could cost you 40 USD per 10 hours with the driver from a small car rental. However, there are well-known rental such as AVIS or Blue Bird Group which offer you various cars and could be more trusted with higher tarifs.