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Yogyakarta's Dining Guide


Yogyakarta’s Dining GuideYogyakarta is truly a unique city. Ruled by a king (sultan) whose lineage can be traced to centuries, this city offers plenty cultural and historical heritage. Here you can eat lesehan style without chairs. The rather sweet cuisine of Yogyakarta might surprise you first, but many people have been longing for good Javanese food after trying it once, so you might have the same experience.

This city offers many luscious delicacies. From bakpia cookies, wingko babat, to enting-enting kacang, visitors will be delighted to find there are so many delicious choices here in this town.

To Stay

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Melia Purosani Hotel Yogyakarta

Jl. Suryotomo No. 31 55122 Yogyakarta

Hotel Ibis Malioboro Yogyakarta

Jalan Malioboro No 52-58 55001 Yogyakarta

Pondok Villa Hotel

Jl. IKIP PGRI 113 Yogyakarta

nDalem Ngabean

Jl. Ngadisuryan No. 6 Kraton Yogyakarta

Hotel Mutiara

JL. Malioboro No. 18 55231 Yogyakarta

Hotel Ibis Malioboro

Jalan Malioboro No 52-58 55001 Yogyakarta

Melia Purosani

Corner Ji Suryotomo And Ji Suryamatjan, Yogyakarta , Indonesia, 55122 Yogyakarta

Inna Garuda Yogyakarta

Jl. Malioboro 60, Yogyakarta , Indonesia, 55213 Yogyakarta

Hotel Lilik

Jl.Dagen No.16 55271 Yogyakarta

Omah Semar Homestay

Jl. Argolubang No. 22 Baciro Yogyakarta

To Stay

Yogyakarta’s Dining GuidePacked with local and international tourists, Jogja is ready with its innumerable inns and hotels. Choose the place to stay according to your budget and your liking.


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