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Mysterious Myths and Spectacular Ocean Views At Parangtritis


Parangtritis: Mysterious Myths and Spectacular Ocean Views
Escape from the city for a while and take the short drive from Yogya to the mystical Parangtritis beach where dramatic jagged cliffs meet a glistening volcanic black sand beach. Located around 28 km (17 miles) from Yogya this is the ideal distance to come for a day trip to take a break out of the city and soak up the roar of the waves and the astounding atmosphere. Here you’ll see some incredibly green lush hills set against the backdrop of a raging ocean.
With raging surf and salty sea breezes it will be hard not to feel rejuvenated and refreshed as soon as you arrive here. At night, the star light on the silvery-black dunes give the beach a mystical feeling, and it won’t be hard to understand why there are many local myths about this area. This whole region is filled with beaches, caves, lakes, paths and gravesites, each with their own mystical story.

What makes Parangtritis particularly special is that it is not only an enchanting holiday spot, it’s also a sacred place. According to legend, when you come here you are entering the domain of Kanjeng Ratu Kidul, Queen of the Southern Ocean who is not known for being welcoming to newcomers. For this reason the Javanese will not wear green, especially yellow-green around here as it’s believed that this attracts the Queen.
People here hold great respect for the power of the Queen. Each year at Parangkusumo, 1 km. west of Parangtritis, the Sultan of Yogya makes ceremonial offerings to the Queen, believed to be the Sultan’s mystical consort. Other Javanese may also give offerings when they are asking the Queen for aid, guidance or blessings.

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Budi Inn 4

Japan Parangtritis Kretek Bantul, Yogyakarta , 55772 Parangtritis

Budi Inn 1

Mancingan 11, Parangtritis, Kretek, Bantul, 55772 Parangtritis

Villa Alcheringa

tembus Puncak Street mancingan RT 07 Parangtritis Yogyakarta

Penginapan Aditya

Mancingan RT 06 Parangtritis Kretek Bantul, 55711 Parangtritis

Losmen Yudhistira

Mancingan RT 07 Parangtritis Kretek Bantul, 55711 Parangtritis

Penginapan Arita

Mancingan XI RT 04 RW 23, 55177 Parangtritis

Hotel Parangtritis

Mancingan Parangtritis Kretek Bantul, 55711 Parangtritis

Budi Inn 2

Komplek Gardu Pandang Parangtritis, 55772 Parangtritis

Hotel Adinda

Puncak Parangtritis Dukuh Mancingan, 55222 Parangtritis

Budi Inn 3

Komplek Gardu Pandang Parangtritis, 55772 Parangtritis

Tembi Rumah Budaya

Jl. Parangtritis Km 8.4 Tembi, Timbulharjo, Sewon Bantul, 55186 Yogyakarta

D'omah Yogya Hotel

Jl. Parangtritis Km 8.5, Bantul, 55186 Yogyakarta


The roaring ocean currents here are very rough and strong so swimming is very dangerous and not recommended.     


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