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Lake Singkarak


The majestic Lake Singkarak (Danau Singkarak) is an enormous crater lake set within a dramatic volcanic landscape. Spread over two districts; Solok and Tanah Datar, the lake is a massive 1000 hectares. It is the widest lake in Sumatra and the second biggest lake on the island, after Lake Toba. A world of silent calm, breathtaking vistas and spectacular views awaits here. Here you can embrace the remote natural beauty that Indonesia is so famous for.  

Locally Lake Singkarak is famous for its Bilih fish which is a species of fish that only lives in this lake. This fish is especially unique as it can’t survive anywhere but Lake Singkarak, not even in an aquarium. 

To Stay

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Hotel Bungalau Indah

Jalan Ahmad Yani No.8, 27128 Padangpanjang

Wisma Pangeran

Jl. KH. A Dahlan No.7, 82173 Padangpanjang

Hotel Flaminggo

Jl.Sutan Syahrir No.144, Silaing Bawah 27118 Padang West Sumatera

Aie Angek Cottage

Jln Raya Padang Panjang, 27115 Kotabaru

Nikita Hotel

Jalan Sudirman No.55, 26152 Bukittinggi

Parai Mountain Resort - Bukittinggi

Jalan Raya Bukittinggi-Medan Km.07, 26152 Bukittinggi

Hotel Mitra Arena

Jalan Soekarno Hatta No.30, 26111 Bukittinggi

Hotel Yuriko

Jl. Jend Sudirman No.7, 26122 Bukittinggi

Pusako Hotel Bukittinggi

Jalan Soekarno Hatta No.7, 26129 Bukittinggi

Nikita Palace

Jalan Sukarno Hatta, Garegeh, 26152 Bukittinggi

Hotel Ambun Suri

Jalan Panorama No.2, 26128 Bukittinggi

Gallery Hotel

Jl. H. Abdul Salim No.25, 26115 Bukittinggi

To Stay

There are many hotels near Lake Singkarak such as those along Solok-Bukittinggi main road and in the Tanah Datar district.

The town of Umbilin is on the shore of the lake, its collection of hotels and restaurants make it a convenient place to stay. Boats can be rented from here and it is a good place for swimming, hiking and relaxing. 


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