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West Kalimantan

West Kalimantan



Lying directly on the equator with many canals crisscross the city and one of Indonesia´s longest rivers, the Kapuas (1,143 km long) divides the town in two, providing an essential and historical communications link. Stone carvings and ceramics can be traced as far back as the 5th century, but it is the influence of Islam that has had the most impact on this region. West Kalimantan covers an area of over 146,607 sq km, rich in a variety of minerals and precious stones, and remains largely unexplored. Coastal areas are mainly swamp lands with more than 100 rivers sculpting the flat plains. In the mountainous eastern parts of the province, away from the city and plains, there are many Dayak villages. A large Chinese population, Malays and other Indonesian ethnic groups account for the rest of the inhabitants of the province. West Kalimantan has a tropical climate with the average daily minimum temperature of 220,9 C and maximum 310,05 C. A light rainy season from March - May and the heavy rain from November - January.


Supadio International airport, 18 km from Pontianak city is easily accessible from Jakarta or Singapore by air.

PELNI´s Ship sail from Jakarta and Surabaya to Pontianak. Pontianak is easy accesible from kuching, East Malaysia via Entikong.

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