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Batu Hiu (the Shark’s Rock) at Pangandaran Beach

Batu Hiu (the Shark’s Rock) at Pangandaran Beach


About 14 Km south of Pangandaran you will find a hill overlooking a beautiful beach below, that is strewn with many natural wave- breaking rocks. Among these rocks, there is one in particular that, strangely enough, has taken the shape of a Shark, and has, therefore, become an attraction of its own, locally named : Batu Hiu.  

Legend has it that in the 11th century, exiled troops from the Mataram Kingdom in Central Java , led by Aki Gede and Nini Gede arrived at this location. When they came to the coast, they decided to rest and camp near the hill. Aki and Nini Gede then ordered the troops to look for food. One of the soldiers called Ki Braja Lintang, decided to fish on the shore and caught a shark. When Aki and Nini Gede found out about this, they told him to release the fish back to the ocean. As they released it, the shark magically turned into a big black rock. This shark- shaped rock can still be seen today, distinguishable by its sharp fin shape, and which has given the place its popular name: Batu Hiu or Shark’s Rock.
Located at the Ciliang Village, in the Parigi District, Batu Hiu offers a spectacular view of the blue Indian Ocean. Above the dramatic hill you can watch great waves rolling down and crashing on the rocks making rumbling sounds. The place is decorated with many beautiful Pandan Wong (a kind of palm) trees and is a perfect place to feel the soft wind blowing in your face. As the day ends, prepare yourself to watch the enchanting sunset on the horizon. If you bring a camera with you, don’t forget to capture this magical moment, or shoot the unique silhouetted images.

The main entrance to the area is a cave in the shape of a huge Shark’s head , so, that as one walks in,  it almost seems like entering a shark’s jaws with its many sharp teeth. As you come out the other end, you will find a beach where you can play or stroll.  There are also a number of caves in the area. Locals believe that one of these caves is connected to the town of Cirebon on  Java’s north coast.
Although the beach here is not fit for swimming, Batu Hiu is a great place for relaxing: a place where one can release all tensions of your everyday routine. If you happen to be around Pangandaran, Batu Hiu is surely something you should not miss.

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  • Although there is a beach, Batu Hiu is not a place for swimming
  • Batu Hiu is still considered sacred for the locals.  To respect this, you must be careful with your words and avoid using swearwords.
  • Don’t forget to bring your camera or camcorder and have the batteries fully charged to capture the spectacular scenes, especially its sunset.

Get There

From Pangandaran it’s about 14Km or a half an hour’s drive heading west toward Cijulang. It is not a difficult place to find since there are many signs and directions leading to Batu Hiu. If you take public transportations, you should take one that is headed to Parigi area. From there it’s about 10 minutes ride using the popular bike taxies or “Ojek”.

To Eat

There are many “warung” or food stalls on your way to and around Batu Hiu that sell various kinds of Sundanese traditional food and drinks. For a complete reference on Sundanese cuisine you can refer to our West Java Specialties.

To Do

Batu Hiu is a great place for relaxing. A place where you can just sit around and watch the waves breaking on the rocks on shore as the sea breeze softly touches your face. Batu Hiu is also a perfect place for great photogenic andscapes, whether you are a professional photographer or a camera pocket traveler, the pictures you take in this place are surely worth the trip.

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