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Wood Carving Center in Palembang


Wood Carving Center in PalembangThe wood carving center in Palembang is located on Faqih Jalaluddin Street, near the Palembang Grand Mosque. Dozens of showrooms, which are also used to give finishing touches to wood carvings, are available in this city center. Palembang wood carvings, which are identified by dark red and golden colors, are displayed along this street.
You can also find unfinished products, those which have not been softened or painted. Workers in each shop usually give their final touch before sale.
Gold is the most dominant color in Palembang carvings. It distinguishes Palembang carvings from carving products from other parts of Indonesia, such as Jepara in Central Java .
Cupboards bodies, doors, or glass, as well as picture frames are usually painted in gold color. Other parts are covered by dark red and black colors. Pictures of flowers in black make these carvings more beautiful.

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Majestic Hotel Palembang

Jl. Sumpah Pemuda No. 07 (POM IX), 30136 Palembang

Elisabeth Boarding House

Jalan Angkatan 45 Lorong Persatuan, 30155 Palembang

Hotel Aryaduta Palembang

Jl. POM IX, Palembang Square, 30137 Palembang

Elisabeth Kost Boarding House

Jl. Angkatan 45, Lorong Persatuan Palembang South Sumatera

Shirley Kost Boarding House

Jl. Swa Karya II, RT. 09, No. 140 Palembang South Sumatera

Shirley Boarding House

Jl. Swakarya II no. 140, 30137 Palembang

The Arista Hotel Palembang

Jl. Kapten A. Rivai, 30129 Palembang

Princess Hotel

Komplek Ilir Barat Permai Blok D2 No. 608, 30134 Palembang

Hotel Swarna Dwipa

Jalan Tasik no.2, 30136 Palembang

Hotel Sandjaja

Jalan Kapten A.Rivai No.6193, 30129 Palembang

Hotel Pradha Syariah

Jl.Merdeka no. 38-40, 30118 Palembang

Hotel Budi

Jalan Letnan Kolonel Iskandar, Komplek Ilir Barat Permai Blok D2 No. 26-32, 30134 Palembang

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It is easy to find hotels in Palembang.â  You can find star-rated or ordinary hotels along Kapten A Rivai, Sudirman, R Sukamto, Veteran, and POM IX Streets.


be good in bargaining.

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Wood Carving Center in PalembangYou can certainly buy carvings here.â  You can also walk near the Musi River to find a market which sells various types of local souvenirs.â  There is also a Songket (woven fabric) center, which is located two kilometers away from this market.


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