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Bukit Lawang, Sanctuary for the Sumatran Orangutan


Bukit Lawang : Sanctuary for the Sumatran Orangutan

Discover the Sumatran jungle and have an outdoor adventure with orangutans to keep you company at the jungle village of Bukit Lawang. Literally meaning "door to the hills", Bukit Lawang is a small village situated at the south of the Mount Leuseur National Park. It’s located about 90 kilometers northwest of Medan, the capital city of North Sumatra .

Bukit Lawang is a gateway to the legendary Sumatran jungle with it’s steep slippery terrain and muddy slopes, exploring the jungle here is a true adventure. Trek through the breathtakingly thick jungle and be transported into to new world.

It is the gentle giants of the jungle, the orangutans, which are the main attraction here. Bukit Lawang is one of the best places in the world to meet this rare and endangered primate. See these graceful creatures swing through the forest canopy as they forage for fruit. This is one of the largest stronghold communities of orangutans, with more than 5000 of them living in the here.

The Orangutan rehabilitation center is where young orphaned orangutans are trained to live in the wild. The center has been operating since 1973 and today attracts visitors from around the world who come here to catch a glimpse of these amazing orphaned creatures.

The number of orangutans in the jungle has decreased as a result of hunting, animal trading and a damaged environment. The rehabilitation center helps orangutans regain their natural habits by putting them through intensive training before their release back to the wild. Once a primate heads back the jungle, the rehabilitation center keeps providing it with food supplements and regular check-ups.

To Stay

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Siba Island Resort

Siba Island, 20213 Belawan

Saka Hotel

Jl. Gagak Hitam No. 14 Medan North Sumatera

Kailani Inn

Jl. Kenanga Raya No.60 Medan North Sumatera

Putra Mulia Hotel

Jalan Gatot Subroto No. 62, 20122 Medan

Griya Hotel

Jl. T Amir Hamzah Blok A no. 38-44, 20213 Medan

Grand Darussalam Syari'ah Hotel

Jl. Darussalam No.32B, 20119 Medan

The Sulthan Darussalam Medan

Jl. Darussalam No.16/22, 20118 Medan

Roemah Moesi

Jl. Sei Musi No. 93, 20122 Medan

Hotel Bumi Asih Medan

Jln. Sei Bahorok Baru No 20 Medan Baru, 40321 Medan

Grand Kanaya Hotel

Jln. Darusallam No.12, 20119 Medan

Candi Hotel

Jalan Darussalam No.124, 20217 Medan

Jangga House Bed & Breakfast

Jalan Sei Tuan No.22-24, 20154 Medan

To Stay

Most of the hotels in Bukit Lawang are run by the local citizens. Here are alternatives to stay in during your visit to Bukit Lawang:
•    Bukit Lawang Eco Lodge (+628126079983), an eco-friendly lodging situated in the forest
•    Noras Homestay & Restaurant (+62813620706561), situated on the rice field side and the materials are dominated by bamboo huts.

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•Make sure you are healthy, fit and well prepared because navigating the Sumatran jungle is not always easy.

•It is the impact of humans, through poaching and logging that has threatened the orangutan for decades. For this reason there are strict rules in place to regulate how visitors interact with the natural flora and fauna here.

•Bring along a mosquito & leech repellant.

•Whenever you trek, be sure to bring sunscreen and water.

•Wear shoes with good grip as the ground is always slippery.

•Wear long sleeves and long pants.

•There is often heavy rain in the afternoon; so bring your rain jacket and a water resistant bag to cover your items.

•Do not litter, make sure to collect your trash, any type of trash.

•Don’t feed the animals.

For more info please visit:

Bukit Lawang Visitor Centre, open from 08.00 am to 15.00 pm

PHKA Ranger Station opens from 07.00 to 15.00 pm

To Buy

You can buy souvenirs at a shop near the Bahorok River.


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