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Bukit Kasih

Bukit Kasih


Bukit Kasih – or the Hill of Love is located in the village of Kanonang at Kawangkoan, some 55 kilometers from Manado, North Sulawesi . It was built in 2002  as a spiritual center where religious followers from various faiths can gather, meditate and worship side by side  in this lush and misty tropical hill.
This hill is called the Hill of Love because it is where people from different religions can gather and worship side by side as a symbol of religious and peaceful harmony. Five houses of worship are here, a Catholic Church, a Christian church, a temple, a mosque and Hindu temple  built on the second peak. On the first peak is a 53 meter tall white cross which can be seen even from the Boulevard beach in Manado. In addition, this place is believed to be the original place where lived original ancestors of the Minahasa tribe, Toar and Lumimuut. Their faces are carved on the hillside beneath the second peak.

To Stay

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Highland Resort & Nature Tours

Kinilow Jaga VI Tomohon

Happy Flower Resort

Rungku Street, Kakaskasen 2 Tomohon North Sulawesi

Jhoanie Hotel

Jl. Lingkar Timur Kakaskasen - Tomohon Utara 95415 Tomohon North Sulawesi

Lokon Boutique Resort

Kakaskasen I, Tomohon Utara Tomohon

Manguni Terrace Resort

Tanawangko - Poopo Manado

Minahasa Prima Dive Resort

Jl. Trans Sulawesi Mokupa Tasik Ria Manado

Minahasa Lagoon Hotel

Mangatasik, Desa Ranowangko 95351 Manado North Sulawesi

Tasik Ria Resort

Jl. Raya Trans Sulawesi 95351 Manado

New Mokupa Resort

Jl. Raya Trans Sulawesi, Minahasa Manado

Mercure Manado Tateli Beach Resort

Jl. Raya Tanawangko, Desa Tateli Kecamatan Pineleng Kabupaten Minahasa Sulawesi Utara Manado

Murex Dive Resort

Jl. Raya Trans Sulawesi, Kalasey 95361 Manado

La Rascasse Resort

Jl. Raya Tanawangko Kalasey I Dusun III Manado

To Stay

For visitors who wish to stay overnight near this tourist attraction, they can choose either to go to Tondano or Tomohon to stay as it takes only about 30 minutes drive from here.â  In these cities are available hotels, bungalows and guest houses. Bukit Kasih is two hours’ drive from Manado.

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