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Kumala Island Tourism Park


Kumala Island Tourism Park
Kumala island is situated in the middle of Mahakam River, passing Tenggarong city, in Kutai Kartanegara district. At first, this 85 hectare island was a sedimentation of mud, forming a land. This island is unique as it looks like a boat in the middle of a river.
Before transforming into a modern recreation site, Kumala was a site for hundreds of bekantan (Nasalis Larvatus) and various types of Borneo wild reptiles. Tourist Park of Kumala Island was developed since 2002. Entrance fee to this tourist park is Rp2,000 per person.

To Stay

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Jl. Dr. Cipto Mangunkusumo No. 69 75136 Samarinda

Mesra Business & Resort Hotel

Jalan Pahlawan No 1 75123 Samarinda

Grand Victoria Hotel

Jalan Letjend. S. Parman No. 11 75123 Samarinda

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Jl. KH. Agus Salim no 16 RT 17 76411 Samarinda East Kalimantan

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Jl MT Haryono, Ring Road, 76114 Balikpapan

To Stay

Kumala Island Tourism ParkIf you wish to stay in the middle of the island, the park management provides a rental cottage, complete with a swimming pool and catering service.
You should book one week in advance so that the management could make the proper preparations. Since the cottage is not open daily, it will be better to order it for groups. This cottage may accommodate up to 100 visitors. For reservation and further information, please contact +62 541 7069945.

To Buy

Shops selling various types of traditional souvenirs are provided. In addition, various types of t-shirts can also be used as souvenirs from Kumala island.

Get Around

To take a trip around the island, tourist cars are provided for Rp3,000-Rp4,000 per person for each trip. If less than 5 passangers, this car must be rented for Rp20,000.

Get There

It is easier and closer to reach Tenggarong city from Samarinda. From Sepinggan airport in Balikpapan, you can take either a local plane to Samarinda or you can also take a taxi for Rp250,000 to Rp300,000.

From there, you can take a ketinting or motorboat to Kumala island from a pier at Diponegoro street, Tenggarong. It will take not more than 5 minutes to reach the island for Rp4,000 (if more than 5 persons) or Rp20,000 (if less than 5 persons) as you will be considered renting the boat.

To Eat

The Park has food stalls selling nasi rames (rice combination platter) and bakso (meat balls) for visitors. Various types of snacks are also provided here.

To Do

Kumala Island Tourism ParkTourist Park of Kumala Island is like a small Disneyland in East Kalimantan . Its location in the middle of an island increases its exotica and different impression when enjoying various facilities provided.

The most famous facility is Sky Tower where visitors could see the whole island and Tenggarong city from the 78 meter tall tower. Visitors claim the tower in an aquarium type of hexagonal room which slowly rotates so that they could see all over the island.

Other facilities provided among others are bumper cars, Lamin Beyoq, Lamin Mancong, and Lamin Wahau, Merry Go round, Lembuswana statue, fountain pond, Pesut Lake etc.


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