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Baturraden. Central Java 's most outstanding resort, approximately 14 kms north of Purwokerto, an administrative town in the southern of Java island. It is occupies a fine site on the slopes of Mount Slamet, 650 m above sea level, feel the coolness air, nice gardens, pines forest, hot springs, ponds and bungalow-style hotels.

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Hotel Tunas Alam

Jl. Purwokerto-Bandung Km.15 (Di seberang Bendungan Serayu) Desa Tambaknegara Kecamatan Rawalo 53173

Grand Karlita Hotel Purwokerto

Jl.S. Parman no.296 53118

Borobudur Hotel Purwokerto

Jl. Yosodarmo 32 Purwokerto

Surya Yudha Purwokerto

Jl. Gerilya Barat No. 30a 53142

Hotel D'Ben

Jalan Kranji No. 60 Purwokerto 53116

Horison Purwokerto Hotel

Jl. Dr. Angka 71 Purwokerto

Palapa Hotel

Jalan S. Parman 53141

GK Gallery Rumah Sewa, 303

Jl. DI Panjaitan 389 lantai 3 kamar 303 53141

Java Heritage Hotel

Jl. dr. Angka No. 71 Purwokerto 53115

GK Gallery Rumah Sewa, The Villa

389 Jalan D.I. Panjaitan lanati 2 53141

GK Gallery Rumah Sewa, 301

389 Jalan D.I. Panjaitan Bangunan 3 lantai 53145

Wijaya Hotel Purwokerto

Jl. Gerilya Timur no. 54 Purwokerto

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