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Baturraden. Central Java 's most outstanding resort, approximately 14 kms north of Purwokerto, an administrative town in the southern of Java island. It is occupies a fine site on the slopes of Mount Slamet, 650 m above sea level, feel the coolness air, nice gardens, pines forest, hot springs, ponds and bungalow-style hotels.

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Borobudur Hotel Purwokerto

Jl. Yosodarmo 32 Purwokerto

Horison Purwokerto Hotel

Jl. Dr. Angka 71 Purwokerto

Horison Purwokerto

Jl Dr. Angka 71, 53115 Purwokerto

Wijaya Hotel Purwokerto

Jl. Gerilya Timur no. 54 Purwokerto

Hotel Besar

Jendral Sudirman Street No.732 Purwokerto

Aston Imperium Purwokerto

Jl. Overste Isdiman No. 33, 53114 Purwokerto

Aston Imperium Purwokerto Hotel

Jl Overste Isdiman No 33 Purwokerto

Roda Mas I Hotel

Jl. Martadireja I No. 871 Purwokerto Central Java

MGriya Guest House

Jl. Gumbreg No 8 Purwokerto

Astro Hotel Purwokerto

Jl. Suparjo Rustam Km. 4 53100 Purwokerto Central Java

Atrium Resort Hotel

Soepardjo Rustam Street, Sokaraja 53181 Purwokerto Central Java

Green Valley Resort

Jl. Raya Baturaden Km. 8 Purwokerto


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