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Suluban Beach:  Bali’s Surfers Paradise at Uluwatu

Suluban Beach: Bali’s Surfers Paradise at Uluwatu


World-class thrilling waves meet jaw-dropping scenery at the secluded surfers’ paradise of Suluban Beach. Located not too far from the picturesque Uluwatu Temple, this beach is the actual site of the famous Uluwatu surf break. This beach extends right up and joins the Uluwatu Beach. Together they are the Mecca for wave chasing junkees who come to Bali .

Located at the Pecatu Village, in the South Kuta sub-district, Badung Regency, Suluban is among renowned surfing beaches along the Bukit Peninsula at the southern end of Bali that include the Uluwatu Beach, Bingin Beach, Padang-padang Beach, Dreamland Beach, Impossible Beach and Balangan Beach.

The beach is blessed with a breathtaking view on the Indian Ocean which offers a serene atmosphere and spectacular sunsets in the late afternoons, creating that most romantic aura. Approaching the area, visitors will be greeted by afascinating scenery of white rock cliffs that stretch as far as the eyes can see. Descending some 50 meters down to the shore, a vast white sandy beach kissed by turquoise blue waters await, while the pounding waves play the true resounding sounds of nature: the perfect setting for a thrilling surfing adventure.

The character of waves at Suluban Beach is similar to those at Uluwatu Beach that come in with that  great, powerful, long swell and  consistent barrels that have always fascinated surfers who came to this point. Here waves can reach to between 3 and 12 feet with the average wave size being 3 to 5 feet, perfect for advanced and professional surfers. The best season for surfing at Suluban Beach is during the dry session (April to August) when the wind blows from east to west creating the perfect waves for surfing.

The word Suluban comes from the Balinese language “mesulub” which translated means: to bow down. It is suggested that the name was adopted since visitors must first crouch or bow down when they pass the crevice between boulders that resembles a cave, before reaching the beach below the rocky cliff. The Beach is also known by many people as the Blue Point Beach since it is closely associated with the Blue Point Bay Villa located on the top of the cliff which shade Suluban Beach.

Be it for a surfing holiday or a romantic getaway, the waves together with the spectacular scenery at Suluban Beach are indeed a true gem that make Bali sparkle.

To Stay

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Villa Blue Rose

Jalan Padang Padang Bali

Three Monkeys Villas

Pantai Suluban - Uluwatu Street 82161 Bali

Ketty Homestay

Jl. Pantai Suluban, Pecatu 80361

Villa Anugrah

Jl. Pantai Suluban 80364 Bali Bali

Puri Uluwatu Villas

Jalan Labuan Salt

Surga Bali Cottages

Jalan. Pantai Suluban Bali

Uluwatu Cottages

Jln. Labuan Sait, Padang-Padang 80361 Bali Bali

Padang - Padang Breeze

Jalan. Labuan Sait A4, Padang-Padang Bali

Mamo Hotel Uluwatu

Jalan. Pantai Suluban 80364 Bali

Medori Putih Homestay

Jl. Pemutih no 1A Bali

De Sapphire Cliff Villa by Danapati

Jalan Labuan Sait, Padang-Padang Beach 80364

The other popular name for Suluban Beach is Blue Point Beach and this is not without reason since if you want to reach the beach you will have to pass the Blue Point Bay villas and spas. Luxury ocean front villas located in the Southern Peninsula of Bali , right on Uluwatu and Suluban Beach facing the Indian Ocean, offer the perfect accommodation if you want to spend your time on Suluban Beach or at the Bukit Peninsula.

Aside from the Blue Point Bay Villas and spas there are also several other accommodation options that you can find near the Suluban Beach.

Get There

Located at the Bukit Peninsula, Suluban Beach is connected to Kuta and Denpasar through Jimbaran by the busy Jalan Bypass Nusa Dua and this is the only route in. Approximately 34 Kilometers from Denpasar, the beach is about 30 minutes’ drive from the I Gusti Ngurah Rai Airport or about 45 minutes from the tourist resorts of Kuta-Legian.  

From Denpasar or Kuta, Take the main road (Jalan Bypass Nusa Dua) south to the junction with Jalan Uluwatu II (the famous McDonald’s junction), turn west towards Jimbaran Bay, continue about 2 km and at the four road junction make a sharp left up the hill (signposted for Uluwatu). Follow the road southward until you reach the outer post of Uluwatu Temple where you will find a signpost to Suluban Beach to the right. Follow that road until you reach the Beach.

A taxi from Kuta to Suluban or Uluwatu will take approximately 30 to 40 minutes over winding roads and will cost about Rp 120,000 one-way. If you are just visiting for the day, consider asking the driver to wait for your home trip as it can be difficult to find transport back. Figure on paying the taxi driver Rp 20,000/hour to wait. Joining a tour can be a cheaper way of getting to the area as this destination is very widely offered by tour operators all over the island.

To Eat

Despite its secluded location, eating facilities around Suluban Beach are not hard to find. Restaurants and cafes serving international, Indonesian, and typical Balinese food can be easily found on the path leading down to the shoreline of the beach. Some of these restaurants and cafes have astounding views on the ocean, making it a perfect relaxing place after an exhausting surfing adventure.

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